Highest Paying Jobs for Truck Driving

Highest Paying Jobs for Truck Driving

If you have decided to begin a career in truck driving, you will want to take the best opportunity that also helps you earn well. Truck driving is not simple and can be stressful, it involves a lot of effort and mindfulness. Choosing a career in trucking is signing up to get through obstacles that stand in the trucking field.

Truckers should get a decent wage for their dedication and hard work. Long hours are spent behind the wheel, loading and unloading goods, and often driving far from home.

There are truck drivers that are paid very well. These drivers have found a place in what is called a ‘niche market.’ These truckers handle materials that are expensive, specialized, and need extra care. Most of these truckers are highly skilled, experienced, and trained to deal with this kind of business. That’s what makes them earn more than other truckers. They deal with complicated and sophisticated companies.  These truckers have a higher degree of risk and danger factors that encompass their jobs.

Trucking that pays well involves a lot of driving. Most truck drivers don’t seem to get attracted to it because it needs attention and hard work, which adds to the risks involved.

To take up highly paid trucking, you need to qualify in the skills test. You must have a valid CDL and necessary experience to be chosen for the job. For trucking that renders higher wages, the driver should be exceptionally skilled in what is required to handle heavy trucks.

  • You must be willing to take risks. Driving heavy trucks is not an easy task, and you should be ready for the liabilities.
  • Different trucks need different kinds of skills. Being well educated on complex skills is essential for you to adapt in the trucking career.
  • Experience is what the big companies look for; the more experienced you are, the more chances you have of being hired.
  • You should be able to work in remote areas if the company desires.
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Here are some of the highest paying trucking jobs in the market today:

Private Fleets 

Walmart is one of the companies that owns its fleet of trucks. It is known to be paying the highest wage to the truckers in the US.

The company is insightful on finding skilled, experienced drivers to run their heavy trucks. The processes could be complicated, and they might want a lot of specifications, but at the end of the day, the trucker gets paid pretty well. Once you break into the Walmart trucking business, you will find yourself in a very good job.

Ice Road Trucking Jobs

Although a well-paying job, the ice road trucking period only lasts about 3-4 months each year. The truckers get well paid just by working during this short period.

The company looks for experienced truckers who have a clean driving history with at least five years of experience. The truckers need to be able to take up the risky job; it is dangerous and scary, mainly because the truckers need to drive on icy roads and deal with adverse winter conditions. That’s why experience and skill are required to get into this job.

The advantage is that you work for a limited period and earn more than most truckers earn in the entire year.

Tankers-Liquid Hauling

The drivers transporting liquids have to be extremely careful while driving it. Hazardous liquids such as gasoline and other kinds that could be explosive have to be transported with extra care. These drivers are paid very well as they deal with the very substantial and risky job of transporting them.

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Transporting Dangerous Hazmat Materials 

This job pays well because it involves a lot of risk and responsibility. It is possible for the truckers to be exposed to harmful chemicals in the process of loading and unloading. If you are ready to accept the risks, there is a massive demand for hazmat drivers. You need to have a TWIC card (Transportation Worker Identification Card) take this job.

Oversized Loads

Companies that need to transport over-sized goods pay the truckers well.

Outstanding Car Haulers

Some companies want to transport unique and vintage cars. These cars are exclusive loads and expensive treasures. A trucker needs to be careful and patient in handling them.

Dump trucks

Truckers that load for mining companies tend to get paid well also.

Is it worth-while to take a highly paid trucker job? Well, the answer depends on you. If you are willing to take risks and learn a lot in the trucking industry, you might accept this highly paid trucking job. If you are skilled and can manage handling the huge trucks, you can go for it. It could also change your life financially.

Although getting hired depends upon the skills, experience and valid test, it’s never wrong to try your luck. If you have been driving trucks for more than five years, you are ready to take up these highly paid jobs, since you have enough experience. With trade and commerce blowing up, the demand for truckers has increased phenomenally. Companies are trying to find skilled truck drivers to transport their goods. From necessary loading to handling more massive trucks, truckers have found their careers valuable.

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Higher pay comes with risk. Make up your mind if you are ready to explore deeper into being a well-paid truck driver.


Joel Curtis

Joel Curtis from Texas is a 30-year veteran in the trucking industry. He's driven refrigerated, flatbed, tankers, intermodals and more. You can find him as the primary author at America's Driving Force and at industry events.

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