3 Tips For Hiring A Legendary Truck Driver

Finding a reliable truck driver can be challenging. However, hiring a legendary one isn’t because we’re going to show you exactly how it can be done.

You’ll face many issues such as training, satisfaction and retention of an employee. The most important thing we recommend from years of experience, is to hire slow. Nice and slow.  This means conducting proper research and testing your candidates before making the hire.

So what are the best ways to hire a legendary truck driver?

Make The Truck Driving Job Stand Out

Making your job stand out is important. You want to position yourself as the company with a long-standing reputation, solid brand, core values and a culture that is a “dream” to work for.

Don’t do what everyone else does. 99% of your competitors will find a template, change a few words and post to Indeed.com. You want to be different.

Here are a few ideas to stand out and recruit a legendary truck driver:

  • Make it a hiring challenge and post to social media
    • You can create a “A Legendary Driver” hiring challenge and boost it all across social media via a contest app like Gleam. Be original and try not to use our exact sample! We’ll call you out on it 😛
  • Promote it at an industry event
    • If you’re going to an event, such as the Mid-American Trucking Show (MATS) you can promote it all over your booth, on your shirts, in your marketing collateral and more. You can even turn the entire exhibition into the promotion!
  • Hire a copywriter on UpWork 
    • Leave it to the pros to write a job description that stands out. Let them incorporate your values, your culture, set expectations and be super clear with who you’re looking for. Put it up on Indeed with a catchy title, spread it across all major cities and let the applications roll in!
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Do Practical Interviews and Provide Specialized Tests

Just ensuring the candidate has a CDL permit and some job experience isn’t enough. You should test his/her practical driving skills and personality types too.

Here are a few practical exams you can provide:

  • General knowledge test
  • Hazardous materials test
  • Passenger vehicles
  • School bus
  • Air brakes
  • Combination vehicles
  • Double or Triple trailers
  • Tanker vehicles
  • Pre-trip inspection

Run A CSA Driver Profile

In the USA, running CSA driver profile is essential before recruiting a new truck driver. It is a safety compliance to prevent injuries and trucking collisions. The profile will contain 5 years of crash data of the truck driver and 3 years of inspection data. This profile will show how expert the truck driver is and whether you will be able to rely on him or her.

Even after you hire the most experienced driver, there is no guarantee that accidents won’t happen. Still, if you select a good driver, there is less risk of any accidents occurring. 

Joel Curtis

Joel Curtis from Texas is a 30-year veteran in the trucking industry. He's driven refrigerated, flatbed, tankers, intermodals and more. You can find him as the primary author at America's Driving Force and at industry events.

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