Best load boards for trucking companies and dispatchers

Want to know everything about loan boards in the trucking industry? This post compiles it all in an easy-to-read list.

Let’s start with our favorites.

DAT for reefer and dry van

ITS or Truckstop for flatbed and open deck

Sylectus for cargo van and box truck.


These Load Boards are the go-to resource for the best information. While they do come with a price, the quality and features provided do surpass the free options mentioned in this. In no particular order (as most of these boards offer all the same resources) here are the top premium load boards for truckers:

  • –  Price starts at $35 per month and gives you access to an amount of over 500,000 loads. u/ offers many resources complex search filters, and a large pool of jobs to search through. In addition to being a load board, the site of other services to help manage and protect your business.
    There is a free demo available to try out on their site available after contacting a representative. Features included are an adaptive mobile app, search filtering, text message alerts, load tracking, insights, direct messaging to shippers, and much more.
  • TruckersEdge –  This load board was founded by DAT, who has a very long history in trucking. Like many other boards, the plans start at around $35-$50/month. Marketed as having the most loads and best rates, TruckersEdge is focused on the Owner-Operator. In addition, they do offer a free demo of their services to truckers.  Features included are broker spot rates, match notifications, credit scores, unlimited load searches, routing, and more.
  • Direct Freight Services – Another load board that starts at $35 per month, after an optional 15-day free trial. The website is user-friendly and has an interface dedicated to a simple, fast search. The site offers features like days to pay, truck routing, text, and email alerts, storing and sending documents, custom search categories for improved load filtering, credit scores, and much more.
  • 123 Load Board — The standard plan starts at $35 per month and a Premium Plan for $45 per month. This board advertises that 52,643,645 truckloads are posted annually with a $100 million available truckload opportunity.  The website also offers a mobile app to aid truckers on the go. Features include rate checks, quick pay, notifications, backhaul/return load functions, plans with multiple users, document management, credit score, and much more.
  • Comfreight— Offered as low as $19 a month, Comfrieght is a cheap but viable solution for truckers.   There is also a 15 day free trial for users. It is a simple site that gets the job done. Features include a mobile app, search filters, direct messaging, notifications, and much more.
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If you aren’t looking to make a monthly payment to find shippers or the price just isn’t worth it, these free boards below will do the job of searching for loads with little frill, excitement, or fluff. Straightforward and simple to use, these will do the job for you.

  • Free Freight Search – Free Freight Search advertises that over 173 Million Loads have been posted on their site with over 107 thousand carriers and brokers registered. It has unlimited free searching and posting. It also has free notifications when you find a match.
  • LoadUp – Simple but effective, LoadUp offers a directory of freely posted loads for truckers. Its search interface requires just a few clicks and you’re able to see live postings in your area.
  • Freight Finder – Freight Finder is another simple and easy-to-use load board. There isn’t much to the site, but it does have a good quantity of loads on it that you can search either state to state or by a city radius.  
  • Fr8Connect – While not an entirely free site, Fr8 Connect offers free membership to its users with some of the features the premium plans offer. The site connects carriers with shippers to create mutually beneficial shipping relationships.


Whether you’re an LTL driver or hauling cars, there are specific boards for you. Because of their focused design, these boards may have fewer options, jobs, or resources than the ones listed above. See the different industry boards below:


Central Dispatch – First 30 Days Free, starting at $89.95 a month.

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FDS Dispatch – $30 per month.

Super Dispatch  Starting $15 a month, with a mobile app.

Run Buggy – Mobile App available


123 Loadboard

Hot Shot Carrier

Expedite Loads

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