How To Get No Cost CDL Training

No Cost CDL Training

Today, this write-up discusses How To Get No Cost CDL Training in detail. For you to become a certified commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver like trucks, semi-trucks, hazardous materials vehicles, passengers bus, school bus, and other public vehicles you need to get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). To earn your CDL, you must have undergone compulsory CDL training, and pass the required CDL exam. CDL tests would include General knowledge and skills tests, also a driving test of commercial motor vehicles.

You need to prepare effectively, study hard, and take a series of practice tests to pass your CDL test and earn a CDL. That is why it is necessary to undergo proper training, which helps in preparation and gives you enough confidence and skills to pass the test. CDL tests are rather expensive and you may spend thousands of dollars in the process, which is not affordable to everyone. No cost CDL training provides a way out to get CDL training without you having to pay out of your pocket.

You only have to obtain your license from a company that is ready to pay for your training. A company would most likely pay for your training after you have agreed to work for the company after getting your license, the terms and conditions of this agreement would vary from one company to another and may also be affected by state laws.

No cost training is not often the same as Paid CDL Training. Although paid CDL training says paid, it is not the driver that is paying but the company that wishes to employ the driver after training that would pay the upfront cost of the CDL training course. Companies operating in paid CDL training mode only pay a driver’s upfront cost in taking the training for a CDL exam but no-cost training, the company pays all.

Are No Cost CDL Training Free?

Depending on the mode of payment for the CDL school, some may require upfront fees and some may not. If a trucking company is paying for a driver’s CDL training, based on a contract of employment, the driver may agree to pay a percentage of the training costs to the company per month from their salary after employment till they have completed payment. If after a long period of employment, the company may later decide to pay back the money to the driver.

Most trucking schools offer free CDL training that is often indeed free at no cost at all. But the low salary for a certain period upon agreement by both parties may not compensate for getting free CDL training. It all depends on the driver’s situation, and it’s essential to carefully research and choose the best option for yourself.

Most shipping companies offer the most opportunities for no cost CDL training, they prefer to employ new drivers, then send them to take CDL training programs of their choice. Since working with a new company means you get to use new equipment, techniques and vehicles, through these companies established training programs, they would train their prospective employees on the existing equipment and vehicles which gives new drivers the needed skills and confidence to settle down at their new job.

What Companies Will Pay For My CDL Training?

The company paid CDL training, is a very popular and major way for recruitment new commercial vehicle drivers in the trucking industry.

Companies that have a CDL training school like America’s Driving Force have in-house training facilities for the benefits of potential and existing employees. They are qualified and certified to do so. At the end of the CDL training, the driver will be opportune to connect with employers in the industry through America’s driving force.

Large freight moving companies like Swift Transport, CR England, Schneider National, Werner, Knight Transportation typically employ new CMV drivers and then offer them CDL training to obtain a license. Although these opportunities for recruiting and training new drivers are not every time and it is usually during a specific time, and not when they are fully staffed or the economy is slow. However, some companies are always on the lookout for new drivers who have met the requirements for training to recruit through the company paid CDL training program.


How Can I Get Help Paying For My CDL Training?

Aside from the option of signing up with a trucking company to cover the cost of your CDL training, which guarantees you will have a job after you completed your training and obtained a CDL license,  you can also get help in funding your CDL training course through the following means;

-Financial aid: You can apply for financial aid from the Federal or state government, to help pay for your commercial vehicle training schools or other forms of job training. All you need is to ensure that you qualify for the requirements before you can apply, once your application is approved, then you can take your CDL training at no cost.

– Financing – You can enroll with truck driving schools that allow their students to finance their way all through the CDL training. This is a good option for prospective drivers who don’t have the full amount to pay for those upfront training costs, although that doesn’t mean you will get a job after graduation.

– Grants – Quite a lot of grant opportunities are available to cover the cost of your CDL training program. Grants may be from the Federal government, or state to find your training. The good thing about grants is that you’re not required to pay back the amount given to you in any form, so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to refund anyone after your CDL training.

The U.S Department of Education provides citizens with financial aids according to their needs, these grants are for education and other forms of training purposes. If you’re pursuing a training program that would earn you a certificate, you are eligible to apply for federal grants.

You can also apply for state grants for your no cost CDL training. Since the resources according to states are different, it is best to research on opportunities for state grants in your state, if you could secure a truck driving school grant. Grant does not have any limitations on the number of grants you can receive, if you can’t find one that will cover the whole CDL training fees, you can apply for multiple and you’ll get the funds if they are all approved.

-Veteran Benefits: Veteran education benefits are a good option if you’re a veteran, and you may be qualified to enjoy these benefits for paying for the cost of your CDL training. Research the CDL training course you would like to undergo, to know if it is eligible for funds by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

– Workforce Investment Act: If you lost your job or desire a change of career, the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a Federal law that assists you to upgrade your skills in the workforce for securing better job opportunities. The WIA grant will not only provide you with enough money to undergo a CDL training course, but they will also connect you with a counselor who will assist you in navigating your new career part, create a plan for better employment, and in other areas where you need to adjust.

Grants are generally the best option for covering your CDL education entirely at no cost, although it may require quite a lot of hard work and efforts it will pay off when you secure the loan, cover your CDL training fees with no money of your own and remain free from debt after getting your license.


How Do I Qualify for No Cost CDL Training?

Trucking companies are generally going to be watching out for the best recruits for their company, they need to know their interest is secured, they can trust you and you’re responsible enough to keep yourself and other road users safe when you are behind the wheel. If you are going to be getting a trucking company to pay for your CDL training fees, you also need to meet the basic requirements. Typically, they are as follows;

-You must be at least 21 years old, some of the programs even require 22 to 23 years minimum age.

-You must have at the minimum 10 years prior clean record of felonies, after undergoing a background check for criminal history

– You must have a U.S valid driver’s license (usually for up to a year)

– You must be a citizen of the United States or you are allowed to work in the United States i.e you must have a work permit or green card

– You must have a clean record of driving violations for up to 3 years.

– You must take the Department of Transportation drug test.

– You must have a clean record of driving under intoxication (DUI) and drug convictions

– You must have a good recommendation from your previous employer, that is verifiable

– You must agree to work for the company for a specified period, which is usually one year although some might require 2 years or more.


After you have checked through these requirements and you have been approved for the company’s no cost CDL training, it takes no time before you start your training, obtain your CDL license then start driving.

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