List of Trucking Jobs in Arkansas

There are many trucking jobs in Arkansas, but not all of them are created equal. Some pay better than others, and some have better benefits.

Here is a list of trucking jobs in Arkansas

CDL Flatbed Truck Driver

Anderson Trucking – OTR Company Driver

My Move To ATS (Anderson Trucking Service) - YouTube

Description: The Pride Transport family has been in the trucking business since 1957. We offer our drivers one of America’s best-paying teams, with average earnings of over 21k per month and top pay based on movements up to 80 cents!

That means great money for your Class A team if you’re looking at finding some serious long haul employment as well earn more than ever before – all thanks to new equipment from us too; so don’t hesitate any longer: come take advantage today when joining this fantastic company that already knows what it takes to make successful professionals out of hardworking individuals.

Requirements: They don’t just hire anyone! That’s why you need to meet certain qualifications for us to accept your application.

You must be at least 21 years old with a valid Class A CDL license and have six months or more of verifiable OTR experience driving our trucks on runs that require commercial vehicle coverage from the DOT (Department Of Transportation). 

Not only do these requirements sound tricky but they also make sure people who can drive safely are given priority.

Address: FHM, GS, GF. 4377 Hwy. 70 West. Lonoke, ARK 72086.


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    Transam Trucking

    TransAm Trucking | Trucking Jobs & Truck Driving Careers

    Description: Join the TransAm Trucking family and start your long-haul truck driving career today! We are looking for experienced drivers who want to have a competitive edge in their industry.

    With top-of-the-line equipment, weekly guaranteed pay, and monthly retention bonuses after completion of the transition package; there is no better company than Transam Trucking when it comes down to deciding on being an entrepreneur as well as having great benefits at work.

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    Requirement: To qualify for our Company’s CDL-A Truck Driver position, you must meet the following requirements: 

    You’re at least 21 years old and possess a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). Additionally, we require that all applicants be capable of operating heavy equipment such as trucks or buses safely while also fulfilling their responsibilities on board—including but not limited to safe driving habits.

    Good time management skills; strong interpersonal communications abilities through verbal & written communication); excellent problem-solving capabilities which help them deal efficiently with any issue thrown it’s way.

    Address: 15910 S. Highway 169

    Olathe, 66062.


    CDL Driver Solo Hourly Pay

    Ryder System

    Ryder Named a 2017 Top 100 Trucker | Fleet News Daily

    Description: Ryder is proud to offer equal opportunity for all qualified applicants, regardless of race or religion. They also provide drug-free workspace and non-smoking areas so that your health can remain intact while working at the company!

    Requirements: One of the most important qualifications for this position is a Class A CDL license. You must also have 9 months of experience in heavy-duty trucking or 2 years within your last 5 years that meet Allroad’s standards to be eligible! Additionally, you’ll need some other goodies like passing both drug tests AND background checks from previous employers as well as DOT physicals before you will be on board.

    Address: 3200 I-30, LITTLE ROCK, AR 72206


    CDL Truck Driver

    Dart – Dedicated Truck Drivers

    Description: Join our team of dedicated drivers and earn up to $100,000 a year. Plus, we offer the following incentives: 

    -$5k sign-on bonus in select locations (many with no upfront costs or obligations), 401k benefits plus company matches for all new employees; referral bonuses of up $2K if someone you refer makes it through their orientation period successfully.

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    Requirements: Why be a copilot when you can drive the train? We need CDL-A drivers for dedicated routes. Earn up to 100k/year and get that sign-on bonus! Plus, if your friends are cops or military personnel – we’ll give them 1500 miles per week at no cost (with 3 months’ notice). It’s time to put away those old commutes because Dart offers POWER LANES: higher pay; immediate policies including pet insurance through Aetna so your best friend is covered too…and much more!.

    Address: Mountain Home, AR, 72654 USA


    Dedicated Walmart Route – CDL-A – Truck Driver Jobs

    Marten Transport

    Marten Transport, Trucking Company | Truck Driver Jobs In America

    Description: Are you looking for a reliable Walmart truck route with the best earning potential in your area? Stop searching! This is it. Top drivers are now getting over $90,000/year on this exclusive CDL-A position and we’re offering an amazing bonus of just 1K to get started – that’s right; no strings attached other than being dedicated towards our company goals (and if not satisfied after 30 days then let us know). Drive Home Time each week while making great money at one easy phone call or online application process today.

    Requirements: The company is looking for experienced drivers who have at least 4 months of recent experience with a rigid truck or bus. You must be 22 years old, the minimum age requirement applies to all positions!

    If you’re interested in becoming an independent contractor through our network then make sure that they offer to house and pay rates suitable based on where you live – we can’t guarantee these things but will do whatever possible so don’t give up when applying here!! 

    We also provide training opportunities if needed.

    Address: 129 Marten Street, ARK


    CDL-A Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs – New Pay Increase in Little Rock, Arkansas

    Montgomery Transport

    Montgomery Transport Group rewards Intercounty Truck & Van for its  outstanding support by purchasing 100 Mercedes-Benz Actros - ITT HUb News

    Description: Montgomery Transport is the place for CDL-A flatbed truck drivers like you. This company understands what it takes to be successful in our industry, and they want more home time with better pay & bonuses!

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    With outstanding benefits including weekly minimums on all loads over $2500., excellent equipment support from rental agencies around town (and even outside), and top-notch safety lectures held every two weeks–it’s no wonder why so many people choose Montgomery Transport as their professional Driving Force!!

    Requirements: We’re always looking for the most dedicated and professional drivers, which is why we offer an extended training program to help those with less experience get up to speed faster.

    You must have a valid CDL license as well as no more than two moving violations or preventable accidents combined in three years since your last conviction (or five total). Additionally, you should be 21 years old or older upon applying.

    Address: Little Rock, ARK 72103, USA


    CDL A Regional Truck Driver

    Mesilla Valley Transportation

    MVt-Hero-Truck-1 - Grovo Blog

    Description: Driver incentives at Mesilla Valley Trucking Company are unlike any other company out there. For starters, they give regional drivers a $25K grand prize for the best end-of-year omg!

    Plus every quarter you can win a new car from us too – so it’s never been easier to get stuck in traffic than with us as your boss (we’ll even pay half on whatever makes sense).

    We also have great benefits including reliable home time and weekly salaries averaging around $1 650 per week – which means no more late nights spent trying to figure how much gas cost tanked another day before work.

    Requirements: Knowledge of the trucking industry is essential. Class A CDL license holders must also have at least 6 months of experience to be considered for employment.

    Address: 3590 W. Picacho Ave. Las Cruces, ARK, USA


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