The List Of Trucking Jobs In Alaska

There are many different trucking jobs in Alaska, from hauling freight to delivering supplies. Whatever your skills and qualifications may be, there is sure to be a trucking job in Alaska that is right for you.

Here is a list of trucking jobs in Alaska:

CDL – A Driver

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation Acquires RPM Consolidated  Services, Inc.

Description: What are you waiting for? A chance to have the life of your dreams without ever having to do anything other than coming home every night and relaxing!

American Fast Freight, Inc., a subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation needs an experienced Driver Class A – local Forwarder with knowledge in Alaska. This position offers great benefits including plenty of time off work so drivers can spend their days at home or on whatever adventure they choose; this means no More hours spent driving.

Requirements: You’ll need a valid class A license, and medical care and be able to work overtime if needed. You must also have registration with the US DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse by the time of hire.

Address: Fort Wainwright, AK 99703, USA


Truck Driver – Point Lay

North Slope Borough

North Slope Borough - Organizations - Alaska EPSCoR Central Portal

Description: All Borough employees who occupy positions where federal law mandates testing shall comply with the requirements of these regulations and be subject to pre-employment, random post-accident reasonable suspicion return do duty Testing. They also have a responsibility for delivering clean water as well collecting trash from public sites like rivers or streams that are not part of their drinking supply system.”

Requirements: The ideal candidate will be responsible for assisting with the inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of vehicles. The selected candidate must also comply with all safety rules & regulations as well as be courteous to the public at large while working in their capacity in this position.. In addition, they must attend required scheduled meetings throughout North Slope Boroughs’ organization or operations; additionally, you may have occasioned duties suchlike managing fuel deliveries (if applicable) which would mean spending time outside during bad weather conditions.

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Address: Kouiqsik Curtis, Village Fire Chief 1017 Qasigialik St Point Lay, AK


Transport Driver “A” CDL

Alaska Contract Staffing

Biden's plan to fix truck driver shortage inadequate, fails to address root  of problem, association says | Fox Business

Description: The ideal candidate will be delivering delicious treats all over Alaska, from the Anchorage airport to Kenai. This is a road trip position that comes with daily trips for 3-5 days each week during summer and 2 days every other winter season!

Your route covers both intercity destinations as well as short driving distances outside the main plant – which makes it interesting enough while still being logistically feasible since you’ll only need one truck at any given time so maintenance should not pose many issues either way (unless something breaks).

Requirements: You must have a valid Class “A” CDL and an excellent driving record. You will also be required to work flexible hours, including weekends if needed!

In addition, your shifts must last at least 8 hours each day/40 hour week – so no cutting back on productivity just because it’s not morning anymore or evening time again; you’re still expected to attend every employee meeting as well wear jeans instead of pants when working outside (it gets colder). Not only are there physical requirements involved here but mental strength too.

Address: Alaska Contract Staffing, Anchorage, AK, 99501, USA.



Lynden Incorporated

Description: The person in this position operates heavy equipment to load and unload products from trailers or trucks. They work on gravel roads, driving for long periods at a time before stopping by remote camps where they stay until their shift is done

Loading/unloading goods into containers that can be transported easily by air – dealing with any issues which arise during transport such as bad weather conditions.

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Requirement: This job has a lot of responsibility and requires you to know how everything works. The requirements are essential for success in this position which include:

Driving trucks that weigh more than 140,000 pounds. Knowing all about transportation regulations like HOS (hours-of-service), CDL(commercial driver’s license information II est.), etc.

Drivers license.

Address: 6520 Kulis Drive

Anchorage, AK 99502, USA.


Truck Driver

Equipment Source Inc.

Custom Truck One Source | Full Service Truck Dealer

Description: You’ll be responsible for driving trucks and trailers around the company’s loading docks, and unloading them at various locations as needed by our cargo delivery service partners across town. You will also have to make sure all safety equipment like brakes are working properly before each trip begins!

Requirements: To be a successful candidate for this position, you must meet the following requirements: 

Possess a valid Class A Alaska commercial driver’s license with at least two years of driving experience on record; furthermore, your swimming ability will also come into play here since we require that all employees know how to swim! We’re looking for someone who can work quickly without slip-ups while delivering efficient service when necessary – not just during busy times but always because it’s what matters most. 

The ideal candidate will have the ability to work independently with minimal supervision; identifying what needs doing and following through without instruction. They are able not only to hear, and read follow written or verbal instructions provided in English but also communicate effectively on behalf of themselves as well as others (including multiple sources) by maintaining positive professionalism throughout every encounter no matter how difficult it may be at times.

Address: 1919 Van Horn Road

Fairbanks, AK 99701.


Special Projects Driver – Class A CDL. Job in Fairbanks FOX8 Jobs

Carlile Transportation

Carlile Transportation - Wikipedia

Description: To those who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, this company offers an opportunity to become one of our Company’s most valuable assets. As part-time drivers or full-time employees; you will be responsible for safely transporting heavy loads across North America by a land truck! You must also have excellent written communication skills as well as verbal comprehension abilities so that everyone can understand instructions clearly from start until finish.

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Requirements: Truck drivers need to be able not only to drive trucks but also have excellent time management skills. Must know what to do in adverse conditions like heavy snowstorms or rain while still being able to take care of their daily tasks.

Loading groceries onto shelves from one store location. They should hold a CDL for this type of work since it requires more skill sets than just simply having cars available at all times so that delivery can happen quickly without issue.

Address: 900 Aurora Drive, Fairbanks, AK 99709


Local Truck Driver

J.B. Hunt Transport

Stock of trucking company J.B. Hunt rises after Q1 earnings beat -  MarketWatch

Description: J.B. Hunt is looking for local CDL-A dedicated drivers who want the advantages of staying home with their family daily while still enjoying excellent benefits and pay! With the average projected earnings at $ 68k per year, there’s no better way to spend your time off than delivering goods from one customer.

Requirements: The employee must have a Commercial Driver’s License and Medical Examine,r Card. They are required at all times during their shift to be able to see signs from other approaching vehicles or objects to maintain safe driving habits while on the road.

They also need current DOT qualifications such as passing drug tests etc., which can’t just happen by chance because if there was something wrong then this person would never pass them when needed.

Address: 615 J.B. Hunt Corporate Drive

Lowell, 72745, USA.


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