Refresher Training Program: 5 Things You Need To Know

What is a Refresher Training Program?

A refresher training program which is also referred to as retraining is a form of training designed for the existing employees of an organization, to facilitate improvement in their on-the-job performance by acquainting them with new skills, techniques, technology, and methods.

Refresher training is necessary because of the advancement in technology, for old employees in an organization to be up-to-date, informed, and meet up with current industry trends and inventions. Also, learned skills may be forgotten especially if it has not been used for a long while, hence the need to refresh employees’ memories of the acquired skills needed for better job delivery.

To provide solutions to the inevitable decline in performance, ineffectiveness on duty, and incompetence as employees as they stay longer on the job, a refresher training program, there may be a need for a refresher training program.

How long is a CDL Refresher Training Program?

A commercial driver’s license refresher training program is designed to accommodate commercial truck drivers who have been off the road for at least twelve months and above, who have not been employed to work for any trucking company after obtaining their CDL, or do not meet the employee’s experience requirements to work with a trucking company.

The length of a CDL refresher’s course vary according to the driver’s behind the wheel experience, it typically takes between one to three weeks to complete the course.

One Week Course; This course is designed for drivers who have earned their CDL and have moderate to more than moderate driving experience.

Two Weeks Course: Licensed commercial motor vehicle drivers who have little to moderate behind the wheel experience before they enroll for the course.

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Three Weeks Course: This course is a behind the wheel the only course and it is designed for trainees who have a CDL but have little to no experience driving a commercial truck.

Why is refresher training important?

Refresher training is important for the employee, the employer, and the organization to improve the quality of work outputs. The following reasons are why a refresher training program is essential;

-Building Long Term Memory In Employees

To keep the memory strengthened it needs to be challenged, human beings generally forget information they haven’t heard in a while hence the need for them to be constantly taught information frequently to build long-term information retention in workers, necessary to improve their performance.

-Reducing mistakes and improving the quality of work

Taking refresher courses is like a fire and mental drill for employees. They would be required to repeat steps and methods until they become second nature, leaving little room for mistakes. Practice makes perfection which is the structure of a refresher training program.

-Provides effective warm-up for employees who are returning from a break

Employees who have taken months off the job for different reasons, be it maternity leave, sick leave among others and are returning to work may find it easier to reacquaint themselves with their job responsibilities with a refresher training program.

-It allows co-working and keeps employees on the same page with the same goal. If a company makes constant learning and development their culture, whereby all employees are being exposed to the same upgrade in practices, techniques, rules, methods, it would reduce conflict of interests and ensure that the whole company, new and old staff are on the same page.

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– It identifies and breaches knowledge gaps

The results of a refresher’s training course would show the part of employees’ weaker area of knowledge and their strengths. So, results would help the employee to receive more training in the identified areas to prevent a potential problem and encourage their productivity.

-It develops employees for managerial positions and as facilitators.

By selecting some employees to take charge of delivery training instructions, they can take the role of instructors and be groomed to become managers themselves in their field. Employers would be able to fish out employees who are willing to learn, possess leadership and valuable traits for the company’s development.

How do you make a Refresher Training Program?

With the understanding of the importance of a refresher training program, it is essential to also know how to make one. A refresher training is like every other course with clearly stated learning objectives, feedback, and a learner’s community which may be a subset of the larger office staff. Here are the steps to take to ensure a successful employees refresher training course;

-Identify the need and frequency of refresher training.

You should know the reason why you want to have a refresher training course and how often should this training take place? Some organizations would run the refreshers training yearly with different topic areas covered for each year. For example, they may choose to focus on leadership for one year and another year, customer service or they may put together different groups to participate in different specialized areas of training on their job responsibilities. Planning a schedule and providing necessary materials is very important to ensure success.

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-Ensure that you motivate your employees so that they would be eager to take the refresher training course. Build up their enthusiasm by outlining the purpose of the training, the benefits for employees, and the organization.

-Research and review past materials to be updated

Don’t continue running the same instructions in the refresher training course year after year, research on the new information and source for fresh images, news, information, and example. This would make employees look forward to training and be more intentional in practicing.

-Invite specialized instructors or keep the focus on a particular topic

Look out for personalities who are updated and possess valuable information that would benefit your staff. It would make the course more valuable by offering different perspectives and opportunities to network.

-Set next year’s goals and expectations, let your employees know the changes expected in their performance after the completion of training.

– Demand for feedbacks

Ask employees what they would like to see in subsequent training, how much they can learn if there are areas they would like to learn, and if the course is useful enough for them and use the feedback for future improvements.

How often should refresher training take place?

There is no specific time a refresher training should take place in an organization, but it varies from one organization to another according to the needs, general performance, and employees’ productivity. On average, refresher training courses should take place in three to five years if not annually.

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