The Big List Of All New Mexico Trucking Companies.

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The New Mexico Trucking Company

Description: This company has been in the trucking industry for the past 30 years and has been in the frontline for the fight in favor of commercial motor vehicles and the trucking industry at large. 

Priding itself of well trained and disciplined staff members, together with an experienced board of directors, they provide customers with vital information concerning issues such as legislation and regulation. The New Mexico trucking company creates an enabling environment with law enforcement agencies and local official to understand the necessities prompted by the trucking industry and the necessary rudiments in ensuring that the service given to customers are safe, profitable and efficient.

The New Mexico trucking company’s watchword is to ensure the safe trucking services and highway safety as well with the support of their non-profit extension; the New Mexico trucking highway safety alliance (NMTHSA). As of the moment, the New Mexico trucking company has become known for prioritizing the safety and welfare of its members.

For them, safety is first before anything else! Services they provide include but not limited to a flatbed, on-air and sea freight, commercial trucking and lots more.


William Thomas Logistics

Description: William Thomas Logistics is a customer-oriented trucking company. They are into providing high-quality trucking and transportation services, for both truckload shippers and LTL. With a team of professional staff and drivers, flexibility and efficiency are their mission statement; while handling customers’ shipping needs with utmost care and diligence.

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Being a foremost transportation company in New Mexico, William Thomas logistics company painstakingly handles each customer’s transportation needs from coast to coast. They focus on establishing a customer-staff relationship. Having been in the trucking industry for a decade,  they operate with experienced business partners in the transportation sector to provide customized trucking solutions to their numerous clients.

They were founded with the mission to provide customer-oriented services, bearing in mind to understand the shipper’s specific need and concern. William Thomas Logistics offers the following trucking services: commercial hauling, flatbed, delivery, on-site and offsite duping, etc.


J.H. Rose Logistics

Description: This company was founded in 1936. since its inception, they have been into the business of hauling oil field heavy equipment throughout Oklahoma and Texas. This trucking company has undergone several changes in terms of ownership and still retains its name and logo.

However, this company officially evolved into a third-party logistics company in 1998 operating distribution, warehousing, and transportation services to its customers. J.H.Rose provides some giving back to community culture where they focus not only on their customers but also on the extended community. The giving back to the community projects include:

  • El Paso tragedy: honoring victims of this incident
  • The eco-friendly practice of diverting from non-biodegradable packaging material to reusable water bottling materials.
  • soup kitchen for El Paso residents battling hunger.


ABF Freight

Description: This trucking company prides itself on being a customer-oriented trucking firm striving for its customer’s utmost satisfaction. Ensuring that they transport their customer’s less-than-truckload shipments securely and safely.

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With timely service delivery, they trace each LTL shipment from the loading station down to the customer’s destination. With the mission statement of excellence, creativity, and integrity, which they apply in all they do, providing world-class trucking service to customers. ABF Freight has received numerous awards which include;

  • American trucking associations president trophy for safety, excellence in security award, and the quest quality award by logistics management magazine.
  • This company, in 2018, was recognized in the master and company LTL customer value benchmarking study for exceeding the industry benchmark.

In 2019, this trucking company won:

  • Quest for quality national LTL carrier award (four consecutive times)
  • Excellence in claims and loss prevention recipient award ( seven consecutive times)
  • ATA presidents trophy for safety recipient (seven consecutive times)
  • Excellence in security recipient (eight consecutive times).

They promise their customers superior LTL services across North America; providing seamless trucking transportation services both in long and short-haul markets. Other services they offer include:

  • final mile
  • expedite solutions
  • logistics solutions
  • LTL
  • intermodal
  • International shipping
  • local shipping
  • product launch
  • premium logistics
  • retail logistics
  • truckload service
  • warehousing and distribution
  • time-critical
  • trade show shipping
  • transportation management
  • supply chain optimization

Location: Albuquerque, NM, United States

Phone Number: +1 505-883-1010



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Swift Transportation

Description: This is a family-owned trucking company that began operation in October 1966. They started as a transportation company focusing on moving imported steel via the ports of  Los Angeles city to Arizona and operates from Southern California to Arizona vis-a-vis.

Founded by Jerry Moyes, with the name SWift Meat practicing family from where the name, Swift is coined from. There was a partnership between the brother, the father which led the company to a profit of $25 million in revenue in just one year. The death of the founder-led to Carl Moyes to take over the company (Carl Moyes is the son of the founder). In 1988, this company acquired 13 different motor carriers.

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The company experienced unprecedented expansion in 1990 by growing into a $125 million worth with over 800 trucks. As of writing this, Swift Transportation generates over $4 billion annually and operates over 200,000 fleets.

Their terminal network has expanded to over forty full-service facilities in Northern America (Mexico and the United States of America). This company also operates Trans-Mex, a Nuevo Laredo, based in Mexico. Swift provides its customers with border crossing majoring for the Mexican border. As of the moment, this company is the largest full-truckload motor carries in the whole of Northern America. The services they offer are; flatbed, intermodal, expedition, moving and LTL.

Location: 301 Airport Dr. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121, United States

Phone Number: +1 505-344-1619



Triple S Trucking

Triple S Trucking Co

Description: This is a company dealing with hauling services. They are ever ready to assist you with any hauling needs you may have to start from the Pennyslavia down to Utah and New Mexico. Their Equipment Hauling and Rig Up Division focuses on transportation, rig down, and rig up of mobile drilling and service rigs, with a fleet of trucks ranging from 220″ wheelbase road trucks up to 400″.

This company’s  Fluid Haul Division as of now, controls over 50 trucks, transporting water and KCL fluids to and from drilling, workover and completion rigs, as well as transporting

Location: 810 S Main Ave, Aztec, NM 87410, United States

Phone Number: +1 505-334-6193


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