Online CDL Training: Things You Need To Know

Online CDL Training

Getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is the most important requirement for becoming a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) driver. Getting a CDL requires CDL training which can be provided by a truck driving school, a community college program or you can study the CDL licensing department of your state’s provided CDL manual on your own to pass the CDL written exam in general knowledge.

The training includes behind the wheel training which would involve a driving instructor and proper on the road driving training to take a skills test. To prepare for the test, you need to take time to study your manual, take practice tests as much as often and you can until you’re confident you are ready to take the real CDL examination at your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle. Just like the process of getting a regular driver’s license, after passing both CDL general knowledge and skills tests, you are eligible to earn a CDL permit.

Since there are no limitations to where and how you can get your training, with the most important thing being that you must pass your CDL examination both written and skills tests, you can also get your CDL training online. CDL online training is rapidly becoming an easy option for truck drivers due to flexibility, lesser training costs, and time conservation. Online CDL training makes use of short training videos, interactive practice questions, and answers sections, demonstrations according to the CDL manual to prepare trainees for the CDL examination.

Benefits Of Online CDL Training

With the convenience of technology, online CDL training is an innovative means of teaching and learning for updating the workforce of an industry. E-learning for adult education is very affordable and easy to access by all, this makes it a good way of engaging and keeping the staff informed.  Some ways of benefiting from an online CDL includes;

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-Fewer environment restrictions for learners, they can take their classes anywhere that is conducive for them, whether it’s in the coffee shop, on a vacation, or at home, trainees can take classes in the best condition that would help their learning.

– Reduced costs of training compared to classroom training sections.

– Easy access to the learning progress of trainee, usually with one click, you will be able to view the training record and achievements

– Uniform information for all the trainees wherever they are, irrespective of the locations of the trainees, they are going to receive the same training experience on the online CDL training platform.

– Broad instructions designed to accommodate all learning forms, tactile, auditory, visual, etc. Trainees can engage with the forms of learning, to gain a better knowledge of the training courses.

– Real practical videos give a proper demonstration of tasks.

– Employers can screen applicants through their commitment to online training. Drivers who are serious about training and are performing well while preparing for the CDL examination shows that they are ready to work and will be a valuable asset to the company.

– It is less time consuming to take an online CDL training program, learning updates and scores are automatically generated.

– Online CDL training program reduces the need to come for in-office registration, the documents, and necessary trainee’s personal information can be completed online without having to come to the company in-person.

– Also online CDL training programs provide employees’ onboarding training for trucking companies which can take less time than the basic three to four weeks.

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Get An Online CDL Training?

The cheapest and also considered the smartest way to get a CDL is to go through a company-sponsored CDL training program. Also called paid CDL training, a company-sponsored CDL training program allows you to obtain a CDL without any money coming out of your pocket. The trucking company, whether in their training facility or another truck driving school, pays for the cost of a prospective truck driver’s training fees. Usually, before they pay for the total costs, the trainee is required to sign a contract with the trucking company, in agreement with working with the company as a truck driver for a minimum of one year in most cases, for some trucking companies it might be more than one year.

It is a guaranteed way of securing a trucking driving job after obtaining your CDL. It might be difficult to find a trucking job as easily if you don’t find one through a paid CDL training program. You also gain access to quality training, because most of these trucking companies are licensed to train truck drivers and employ experienced and recommended driving instructions for the training.


Is It Difficult To Get Your Online CDL Training?

Every new worthwhile path may seem challenging but it is not necessarily difficult. If you choose to enroll in a truck driving school program, prepare adequately by studying the CDL, taking a series of practice tests, you will gain the needed skills and experience to pass the actual CDL examination.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Online CDL Training?

The length of time it takes to get your commercial driver’s license and become a truck driver depends on the individual. Your choice of CDL training, whether you choose to attend a truck driving school, a company-sponsored CDL training, or you are learning on your own, the duration of getting your CDL will be affected by your choice. Also, your effort like how much time you put into preparation, for studying and practice will determine your readiness to take the CDL examination. You can take the CDL examination more than once if you fail to reach an eighty percent score on your first attempt, so it can take you as little as 3 weeks to 6 months depending on these factors.

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Can I Get My Cdl Without Going To A School?

If you are just getting started in the trucking industry, to become a truck driver, you should know getting a CDL is the most essential to be permitted to drive a commercial motor vehicle. However, the process of getting your CDL does not matter, that is whether you choose to attend a CDL school or not, you need to pass your CDL examination. So, yes, you can obtain your CDL without going to a truck driving school.

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