What Do You Expect If You Don’t Inspect

A professional truck driver starts the day with a thorough pre-trip inspection of the truck. Many things to look for are obvious such as tire condition, cracked or broken windows, fluid leaks etc. Other things are not so obvious such as brake condition and adjustment, broken or damaged suspension and steering components just to name a few. Then it is on to the inside of the cab checking for safety equipment such as fire extinguisher, reflective triangles. Check the seat belts, the windshield, the horns, heater, defroster, and of course do the brakes work. Unlike your car, a heavy commercial vehicle has brakes that are operated by compressed air courtesy of a compressor attached to the engine which pumps air into storage tanks. The air brake system also has built in warning systems that let the driver know if there is a problem. It is important to test these warning systems to insure that they are operating properly. Safety is the most important reason that a driver does this pre-trip inspection. It is for his safety and others that are traveling on the highway.

When was the last time that you really took the time to inspect your car? Do all of the lights work? A tag light that is out is not a danger, but it can get you pulled over by law enforcement and they will give you a ticket. How do the tires look? And no one ever thinks about those windshield wipers until it rains. Then you are at the shop or the parts store with some poor sole working on them in the pouring rain. The safety of your family is top priority. Take the time to make certain that they are riding as safe as possible. Just a few minutes to check your car over could save you costly repairs and maybe even your life.