Distracted Driving and the GPS

Back in 1978 when I started my career in the trucking industry, the pager was the latest technology. If someone needed you they could dial your pager number put in a message then it was on the driver to find a pay phone that worked that you could park a truck safely out of the way. I know most people reading this blog don’t know what a pager or even a pay phone is. Technology has come a long way since then. Now we have smart phones, iphones, tablets and more. In that mix of electronic wonders is the GPS or ground positioning system. It is one of the best inventions since the shirt pocket. Most everybody has one. What most people may not know, I did not, is that in some states they are illegal to use. They do fall under the distracted driver law. In 2012 421,000 people were injured in distracted driver accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 3,328 of them died. The police are now watching to see if both of your hands are on the steering wheel. If you are caught with one hand on the wheel, they may pull you over to see what you are doing. Having an electronic device in your hand will earn you a citation that could be costly in fines and increased insurance rates. Oh and by the way they will also check for other things such as seat belts, registration, insurance and license restrictions such as eye glasses required to drive. The bottom line is, it is best to hang up and drive and watch where you are going. The life that you save could be your own.