Free Training With The CDL Test Genie App [And How To Use It]

You’re going to need to prepare for your CDL permit test and you have the option to get training from either the state specific CDL manual that is offered (such as this one from New York) or you can download the Genie App.

It’s available for both iOS and Android and has millions of downloads.

Which Is More Convenient?

If you want to be able to be able to easily take the practice test on your phone or tablet, the CDL Test Genie app is the winner. Select the type of training you want, the state you’re in and get started.

It claims to be the only driver test app you’ll need so it’s hard not to want to give it a try!

Is It Realistic?

The app pulls questions directly from the state, just like the actual test. It’s based on the official 2019 DMV manual for your state.

It has a feature called “Smart Hints” to help provide you with the right answers and you get to review all questions.

Another feature we liked is that it gives you detailed explanations when you get a wrong answer. This is important because we learn by understanding, not by guessing. So by giving you the chance to actually understand why a certain answer is true, it will help develop it into your memory.

Another thing we noticed is that it’s a new test every time. New questions are given so you can keep practicing until you’re pulling off 90% + scores consistently to build your confidence.

This is the first place to start your search.

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Screenshot Of The CDL Test Genie

CDL Genie App screenshot

Is There A Paid Version?

Yes indeed. The free version might be sufficient but if you want a quicker and easier way to access the questions and prepare for the CDL test, then you might want to spend the extra money and get the paid version of the app.

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