New Regulations

Today is the day! July 1, 2013. The day that the new hours of service rules start. What does that mean to us? Well, to an over the road truck driver it means that you have less hours to drive. Less hours to drive means less miles per week. To the trucking companies it means that they will increase driver pay to keep from loosing drivers. They, the trucking companies, will need even more drivers to move the current amount of freight. With the growing population and demand for finished product in the stores the demand goes up even more. All of this leads to the fact that America Needs Drivers more now than ever before. What a great time to start a new career in a high demand field. Now is the time to start a new career that will earn you respect all over America. Just think, in 3 short weeks you can have a corner office with an ever changing view and no one standing over you. It all starts with a call. And we will be there to answer your questions.