Don’t Make A Hasty Decision About Your Career

There is a driver shortage across the transportation industry. Some companies have resorted to training their own drivers. It is a cheap way for them to put you in the driver’s seat and get a load of freight delivered. There are a few things that you should know before you quit your job because someone that you don’t know made a promise on the phone.

The training is not free. There is financing involved usually around $8,000.00. It is common for them to get you into the program and start your training then inform you three days in that you need someone to co-sign with you on a loan. Many car dealers use this tactic. They let you drive the car home to get you in love with the car so that you will do whatever it takes to keep it. The difference is you can take the car back if things don’t work out. With the company training program you have quit your job for a promised better job that now has slipped away. You are unemployed.

The companies are also looking for fast learners. They need to get you in and out as quickly as possible to minimize the cost to train you. If you are struggling, not learning as fast as they want you to, then you are put out of the program often with that $8000.00 note to go along with that fact I mentioned earlier, you quit your job and are unemployed.

The companies have examiners employed by them that are there often to hand you a license regardless of your ability to drive a truck. Again their goal is to get you on the road as soon as possible.

The company wants you to believe that they are investing in you and that they want to help you out when in reality all that they are looking for is someone to hold a steering wheel and deliver freight at the lowest possible cost to the company.

Remember that this is your future; you are making a choice to make this your career. All that it takes is one major accident or several incidents because you were not properly trained or tested to end it. This could even cost you your life or someone elses life.

Don’t make a hasty mistake just because it is the easy way. Sometimes the best things in life are worth working hard for.

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